Harangi Dam, Harangi Reservoir



Harangi Reservoir is built across river ‘Harangi’ a tributary of river Kaveri at Hodgur village which is about 9 Kms from Kushalnagar. The dam is close to Kaveri Nisargadhama and you can plan you visit accordingly. Depth of Harangi Dam 2859 feet is about and length is about 845 mtr. It is a source of water for agriculture for the people of Kodagu and Mysore districts and a great source of fresh water fish. The road leading to the dam after taking deviation from the highway is not so well maintained. However, after reaching the location it gives a relieved feeling. The roar of the water going out of the reservoir can be heard from a long distance and is louder during monsoons. The view of the back-waters is panoramic and is beyond visual range. The vehicles will be allowed only till the entrance parking area. Thereafter, walking is the only means of conveyance. But, it is worth taking a walk on the bridge and reach the centre gate area from where the water exits. From there, come down stairs to the foot area and watch the beautiful view of gusting and spraying water. You will not find any shops or eatables in the immediate vicinity. Always carry adequate water or soft drinks as the overall visit is comparatively tiring.

Best Time to Visit

Any time during the day. But avoid bright sunny days or mid-days


Located at Hodgur village at a distance of 9 kms from Kushalnagar.
From Mysore 100 Kms
about 38 kms from Madikeri.
From Bangalore 265 Kms.
From Mangalore 178 Kms.

Entry Ticket

Entry fee is applicable vehicles are allowed and parking fees is applicable.